National Association of Service Dogs

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Certification & Registration

To complete the certification process please follow our instructions below and please notice our new shipping schedule.

Have each form filled out by the appropriate party then fax the complete set to us at (877) FAX-NASD or 329-6273, or you can scan them and email to us at Please Note: Faxing your forms to our toll-free number is the preferred method. Our fax system automatically converts your fax to a pdf document and routes it immediately to the correct inbox. Be sure to make your payment via our PayPal link below.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR FORMS SEPARATELY. ONLY SEND ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME.

Please note: all information is kept confidential and is maintained in a secure file and database which is NOT connected to any network or the internet. 

People such as restaurant owners, store owners, etc. may choose to verify your certification via the internet at our 24/7 verification page.  We will never release any information about the Owner or Handler or their disability.


  • Someone wants to verify your animal is certified.
  • You present your card which has your membership identification number.
  • If that does not satisfy their query they can email their inquiry to

Please note: for your convenience each of the forms listed below can be filled in using your computer and saved on your own computer for future reference.  If you do not see the fields you can select the 'Highlight Hidden Fields' button.

Doctor's recommendation and medical form
This form must be filled out by the Owner or Handler of the Service Dog and signed and stamped by the Physician and their Office.
Veterinarian's animal verification form
This form must be filled out by the Dog's Veterinarian.
Owner's request for certification form
This form must be filled out by the Dog's Handler or Owner.
Shipping schedule to receive your package.

As a non-profit organization we need to manage our expenses carefully.  As such we have determined that daily trips to the post office are not a wise use of our money or our time.  With that said we have worked out the following shipping schedule for membership packages as shown below.

VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE SEND ALL THREE FORMS TOGETHER IN ONE FAX OR EMAIL WITHIN 10 DAYS OF PAYING MEMBERSHIP FEE.  If you send the forms separately on different days it makes it much harder to track your membership.

If you need your package urgently please contact us at and we will send you an invoice calculated from your personal requirements and shipping terms.


NASD-Four Options

TERMS AND AGREEMENT – By selecting your membership level option and by completing the financial transaction you acknowledge that your membership fee is considered a non-refundable donation to National Association of Service Dogs (NASD) a nonprofit organization. You further agree and understand that as a member you are eligible to receive the corresponding Certification, ID Cards, Patches, etc. offered to members only, who have met the minimum donation price level chosen and only after all three (3) of the required forms (Owner’s Declaration, Medical Doctor’s Statement, and the Veterinarian’s Statement) have been completed in their entirety and received by NASD via our fax number (877) 329-6273 or our form submission email which is You also understand and agree that failure upon your part to complete the documentation  requirements for registering a service dog with NASD does not entitle you to a refund of your donation.