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About  the
National Association of Service Dogs

Welcome to NASD

We are a nationally recognized, non-profit organization, which professionally certifies service dogs (and other special aid dogs or animals) to assist people with disabilities or special needs.

Our Mission

We exist as a non-profit organization solely for the purpose of certifying dogs that qualify as service dogs in a variety of classifications i.e.; therapy, seeing-eye, mobility, etcetera.  We support the rights of all people that qualify legitimately under the ADA guidelines for use of a Service Animal to aid them with their disability (whatever that may be) and we encourage and support training of animals for that purpose.

Company Profile

We are registered with the State of California as a Non-profit Organization. Donations to help support this cause are greatly appreciated and can be made here via the DONATE button.

We work diligently with the Department of Justice, Americans with Disabilities Act, American Kennel Club and other organizations to support the use of Service Dogs/Animals.

Most people prefer us for certification because we care about both the animal and the individual (the team) and their rightsGet certified now and start taking your dog with you everywhere you go. to work and function together. Members know that when anyone checks out the validity of their animal's certification with NASD they will find a professional organization which only issues certification to dogs and owners who both pass documented criteria.  NASD maintains a database of all certified animals which can be verified by their certification number only.

We started this organization after we had our dog trained and certified as a service dog for our son based upon his Doctor's recommendation that such an animal would help him greatly with his own disabilities.  We want to see the privileges granted to Service Animals and their Owners continue by helping to raise public awareness and to eliminate misuse of this right for individuals protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act as it is enforced by the Department of Justice.

A special message from the Director.

To all of our present and future members and supporters;

As a non-profit organization we survive mainly by the donations we receive.  With your financial support we are able to increase public awareness about the needs of disabled people and how their lives benefit through use of service animals.

Your generous donations also help us to connect people looking for service animals with qualified animals and trainers.  They also allow us to maintain an active working relationship with the Department of Justice where we discuss this special benefit for Americans with Disabilities and monitor the program, it's successes and help to develop more feasible guidelines for the programs future.

Many business owners and people in general have limited knowledge of the laws which protect a disabled person's right to use and maintain a service animal in public places.  Our goal is to help change that situation by being a constant advocate of the rights of Americans with Disabilities to take their Service Dog or animal anywhere.

We welcome your financial support and any other assistance you may provide.

     Thank you,

     Julie Halverson - Executive Director

Remember all donations, membership and a portion of all purchases are tax free.  Be sure to tell your friends.